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When we get into the presence of God, things change in our life. It’s undeniable. God can meet any need we have, but we have to come into His presence. The Bible says: “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” We have to do our part first and seek after Him, and an important step in seeking after God is our worship.
Worship is not something we do once or twice a week when we happen to be sitting in a pew somewhere; it’s a lifestyle, a habit, an attitude of our heart. Worship is not just something we do; it’s part of who we are. The Bible encourages us to keep God’s praises continually in our mouth.
I’m loving this lil camping trip holiday 😁👌💕

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Brown Butter Caramelized Apple Crisp Bars…

Palouse Falls (by Zeb Andrews)

You cannot complete me, I cannot complete you.

A relationship cannot make two individuals whole, that is why we must be willing to give over our whole lives, even the life of the one person you love most, to Christ.

If you seek salvation in the arms of another, you will find more brokenness, but if you seek Christ, you will find grace; and that is of monumental importance in any relationship.

I can say you are beautiful, but the reality is that Christ offers more than words; that is greater than anything in this soul can offer.

If I am to love you, I must point you daily to the Father. If I am to care for you, I must be Christ daily. If I am to honor and cherish your heart, I must be willing to surrender it to Christ daily.

No other cornerstone is a relationship, or a single life, more worthy to be built on than the cornerstone of Christ.

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